Discharge 1-2-3™ Composer™ – Features and Requirements

System Integration. Designed to seamlessly work within a facility’s EMR, eliminating any login or authentication issues.

Unique Technologies. Award-winning, patent-pending technologies make it possible to create discharge instructions and patient education for exit care in multiple languages quickly.

  • Intelligent Search and Browse — The software can locate instructions based on diagnosis, age, and gender, and can be browsed without knowing the exact term.
  • Multilingual — Create patient-specific instructions and patient education in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Easy to Use. Designed by physician experts from leading institutions nationwide, , practitioners in their respective specialties, the interface mirrors the discharge process and the  way clinicians think.

  • Point-and-Click Customization — Users can easily customize for individual clinical sites and physician-specific preferences.
  • Physician-Specific Memory — Repeated instructions on frequent diagnoses are easy to save in as little as three clicks.
  • Automated Medication Reconciliation — Pulls patient’s home meds into the system and reconciles in seconds.

Patient-Specific and Evidence-Based. Gold standard content document libraries improve quality of care, reduce the risk of litigation and medication errors, and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Professionally Written —Physician experts practicing in their respective specialties from leading institutions write the clinical content.
  • Compliant and Easy to Read — We write instructions at a 5th-6th grade reading level. Legal experts rigorously review the clinical content for liability and risk management issues.
  • Extensive Libraries — Instructions and Education for Inpatient, Emergency Medicine, and Ambulatory.  Emergency Medicine library alone includes more than 2,000 instructions.

Frequent Updates – We update and modify clinical content continuously.