The multilingual capabilities in Discharge 123 have allowed us to provide a new level of service and clinical excellence in the care of our remarkably diverse emergency patient population. The side by side language presentation puts providers, nurses, patients, and families at ease at the time of discharge.

Seric Cusick, MD    Hoag Health   

"We have used Discharge 1-2-3 in our 9 ED's pre-Epic and then chose them again for Epic. Their discharge instructions have great content and feel like they are written by clinicians who understand patient care and some of the nuances. Many of the vendors we evaluated have a feel that someone read a text-book and wrote the instructions, as opposed to really practicing and seeing where text-books and patients aren't always the same thing. For example, they have a "cough w/o antibiotics" and a "cough w/antibiotics" so you can easily choose depending on the situation. After about 2 weeks of a cough most ED docs would prescribe an antibiotic, and it's great to have pre-built instructions that you can just click instead of having to go into generic instructions and edit them each time. There are a few more examples as well--like "suture removal 7 days" and "suture removal 10 days"--which really makes us more efficient and decreases clicks."

Dr. Neal Chawla, Director of Clinical Informatics    Inova Health System   

"At Cleveland Clinic we use Discharge 1-2-3 for the patient discharge instructions and have had them recently speak at our ED PAG to discuss likes/dislikes in an effort to improve the content and process of patient discharge instructions. I found this to be well received by the physicians of the ED PAG."

Ryan Prudoff, DO, MS, Medical Director Clinical Systems Office EPIC-ASAP    Cleveland Clinic   

"I've worked with several different discharge instructions, and Discharge 1-2-3 is definitely a lot easier to use. It is more logically laid out, with sequential steps that make more sense. It's easier to find the right information, customize it and produce a concise, informative set of discharge instructions and prescriptions that are easy for patients to understand."

Matthew Wilks, MD    Arnot Ogden Medical Center   

"I've used both the software and instructions from Discharge 1-2-3. What I like about their instructions is that they are both concise and specific, telling people what they need to know. They are written by emergency physicians specifically for emergency department patients. Most importantly, they tell patients when to return. Customization is rarely needed."

Andrew Bakke, MD    Sanford Health   

“Patient education plays an important role in the recovery outcomes of each patient. Discharge 1-2-3 provides easy-to-read documents that are offered in many languages which improves patient care and promotes patient satisfaction in an easy-to-use and time-efficient manner. Educational materials, such as discharge teaching documents, should be based on evidence-based practice and tailored to the specific needs of the patient and that is precisely what Discharge 1-2-3 achieves.”

Wendy Repucci, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager    Emerson Clough Surgical Center   

Our physicians feel the content is better suited to our Emergency patient population. The options are more specific, especially for pediatric patients. Our physicians suggested some changes and we received immediate feedback. I couldn't be more happy with that. Another great feature is the side-by-side bilingual instructions. Before, it was a bit of a challenge because even though we use an interpreter, we couldn't be sure what we were instructing our patients was the same as written information in the paper instruction.

Dina Geier, Business Operations Manager, Emergency Services    University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics   

I am a physician at the Ohio State University Medical Center. We use Epic as our informatics/EMR system. We incorporated Discharge123 content into Epic from day 1. We used DC123 in our previous system, IBEX (PICIS) and have continued with the content. When we select a diagnosis, the "most appropriate/likely" choices for possible discharge instructions automatically populate in the Epic discharge window. If your choice is not listed, or you want an additional instruction, you can type in what your desired instruction is and a smart search will bring you to the appropriate document.

Colin Kaide, MD    The Ohio State University   

"I've used Discharge 1-2-3 and like that it is very user-friendly and pulls up applicable procedures without me having to key in everything. It is much more user-friendly than other tools I've used."

Thomas Pinson, MD    University of Missouri Health Care   

"Discharge 1-2-3 is fast, easy to use, and the content is great."

Ralph Battels, MD    Mercy Regional Medical Center   

"Discharge 1-2-3 is more than I ever expected it to be. It's worked wonderfully. Our docs like it because they can change on the fly and it's easy to customize each patient. It helps reduce liability because the instructions are very patient-specific."

Ron Woita, Director of Emergency Services    Sky Lakes Medical Center   

"Discharge 1-2-3's discharge instructions are fundamentally different from everyone else's - they're interactive."

Sue Deepe, Clinical Systems Analyst    Lenoir Memorial Hospital   

"Our clinicians really like Composer. It has a good work flow and is very user friendly. We like it much better than what we had before. The library is extensive and requires little customization. Composer is a nice feature of our Allscripts system."

Daniela Mancuso, Clinical IS Specialist    Crouse Hospital   

"I've used Discharge 1-2-3 and I like it. It provides what you need and is very concise. Other systems provide too much information."

Dixie Norris, Emergency Services    Tulane Medical Center   

"I've never had any issues with Discharge 1-2-3. Our physicians like the product because it's easier to use and gives them what they need. It allows them to modify patient instructions quickly."

Nancy Gauthier, Systems Analyst    Saint Johns Health Center   

“The [Discharge 1-2-3} user interface, robust content, and integration with Sunrise has allowed our ER physicians to maintain extraordinary care without sacrificing throughput.”

Jeff Greenwood, MD    Atlantic General Hospital