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Meditech Users Give Feedback at MUSE


Last week Discharge 1-2-3 joined almost 1500 other attendees at the 2013 International MUSE (Medical Users Software Exchange) Conference in suburban Washington, DC. The annual MUSE conference, aka the Meditech users’ meeting, is a great opportunity for Meditech users to hear about what’s new from Meditech and other suppliers to the Meditech community and to exchange best practices. Discharge 1-2-3 provides discharge instructions and patient education to many Meditech hospitals, and it was great to see so many of our customers in one place.

With over 300 sessions and 175 exhibitors, it was impossible to experience everything, but here’s a list of some of our takeaways from this year’s MUSE:

  • Users are starting to demand higher levels of functionality, and that discharge instructions and patient education be more patient-specific and user-friendly. A number of users expressed frustration that Meditech’s current ED Module/PDI can’t be customized at the patient level.
  • Many Meditech hospitals are comfortable with interfaced solutions, and are unwilling to sacrifice functionality just to say they have a fully-integrated, house-wide solution.
  • Although most hospitals (at least those in the US) expressed concern about meeting Meaningful Use criteria, we heard a grudging acknowledgement from some that MU was really an enabler that would help hospitals function at a new level in the future.
  • There is increased interest in how discharge instructions and patient education can reduce readmissions, increase patient satisfaction, and automate compliance. Patient engagement is a term we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Those are some of our takeaways from MUSE. What did you learn? Feel free to share.

Hugh Martin
Discharge 1-2-3

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