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CEO Chris Galassi Shaves for the Brave

This past weekend Callibra’s CEO Chris Galassi, MD stepped up for the Shave for the Brave event to support Children’s cancer research. Dr. Galassi was one of more than 100 volunteers and shavees in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s 2018 Shave for the Brave held in Park Ridge, IL on Saturday, April 7. He admits he didn’t “have a big mop of hair in the first place,” but notes that through this one event location more than $87,000 was raised for childhood cancer research. According to The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, more children are lost to cancer in the US than to any other disease.

Dr. Galassi feels Childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded and St. Baldrick’s helps fund the best childhood cancer research to save the lives of kids locally and around the world. “I am sure Cancer research sometimes seems endless”, he said “but in recent decades there have been real discoveries in treatment of some children’s cancers that have turned dismal prognoses into highly successful survival outcomes for some kids. It’s exciting that there has been real progress but there’s still a lot to do.”

Chris Galassi with Declan Stapleton, event host and owner of The Harp and Fiddle where the event took place

If you still want to help out you can still make a donation at his personal page:

A special Thank You! to all of the following sponsors who assisted with their support on the event:

Law Office of Daphne L. Pals

Richard Brantner

Stephen Dodds MD

Colin Kaide MD

Marie and Michael

Matthew Roberts

Nate Rudman MD PC

Cathy Raschke

Joanna Scianna In Memory Of Richard Oliva

Kathy and Paul Nordhaus

Michael Miedona In Memory Of Richard Oliva

Michael Clifford

Mike Rooney

JBO In Memory Of Monica Harrison Carfrey

Bill Reynen

Hugh Martin

Joyce Nordhaus

Kim Voss

Sarah Wilson

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