The Discharge 1-2-3® Composer® Professional Edition


The Discharge 1-2-3 Composer for Allscripts AED is a super simple, fast and sophisticated discharge instruction software that is remarkably easy to use. It has the following features:


  • Intelligent Search & Browse: Search instructions without knowing the exact term you need
  • Easy Point & Click Customization: Create patient-specific documents with extraordinary ease
  • Select in English for Foreign Languages: Create customized foreign language documents without having to know the language
  • Physician-Specific Memory: Save repeated instructions on frequent diagnosis and discharge patients in as little as three clicks
  • Bilingual Documents:Print multilingual documents for maximum clarity for non-English speaking patients
  • Automated Medication Reconciliation: Pull patient’s home meds into system and reconcile in seconds
  • Create Custom Instructions for Your Organization: Easily add your own custom instructions to the content library
  • Multiple Languages Available: English & Spanish standard. Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and French language pack, add-ons optional

Foreign Language Modules

Break down barriers to communication by adding foreign language modules to the Discharge 1-2-3 Composer software that’s integrated into your Allscripts ED system.

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian
  • Somali (summer 2013)


The patent-pending technology for Discharge 1-2-3 makes it possible to create customized bi-lingual discharge instructions with foreign language printed side-by-side and point-for-point with English translations.

  • Extensive library of over 2,000 ED-specific titles is available in each of our languages.
  • All foreign language content is translated to read at the 5th grade level by native-speaking specialists.
  • Content is updated semi-annually or more often if desired.
  • All content is ICD-1- ready.

Content Samples

Spanish Chest Pain Spanish
Chinese Chest Pain Chinese
French Chest Pain French
Vietnamese Chest Pain Vietnamese
Russian Chest Pain Russian
Somali Chest Pain Somali

Contact Hugh Martin at hmartin@discharge123.comor 847-805-6943 to learn more and to obtain access to Allscripts DC Xperience which contains the Discharge 1-2-3 password-protected library of resource materials.