Discharge Instructions – More Than Meets the Eye

Welcome to Discharge 1-2-3™s new blog. Our intent is to host a conversation on current topics related to patient discharge instructions and educational content. We want this blog to:

  • Demonstrate how patient instructions and content contribute to improved outcomes;
  • Showcase best practices in discharge instructions and patient educational content;
  • Share insights from leading experts in the field.

We think these are important topics and hope you do too. As you probably know, Discharge 1-2-3 is a best of breed developer of software and content libraries for emergency, inpatient, and ambulatory settings. Over the past 10 years we have helped hospitals discharge an estimated 100 million patients. That experience, and the feedback from our customers, has convinced us that not all patient instructions are created equal.

We hope you find this blog useful, and invite you to participate. Here are some of the topics we plan to explore:

  • With discharge instructions, less is more
  • Risk management
  • Patient instructions vs. patient education
  • Relationship between discharge instructions and patient experience
  • How to reduce barriers to communication

Are there others you would like to see? Please let us know.


Chris Galassi, MD, MS

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