Full Integration into Epic

Discharge Instructions and Patient Education??for Epic Systems

Discharge 1-2-3® is an Epic partner for multilingual discharge instruction and patient education content.

  • EpicASAP ED
  • EpicCare Inpatient
  • EpicCare Ambulatory
  • Epic MyChart
  • Epic portal solutions

Three of the top four hospitals in the US choose Discharge 1-2-3 for their emergency departments.

Hospitals choose which discharge instruction and patient education content to include in their Epic system. Did you know that your ED instructions don’t need to be the same as your other content? Discerning hospitals like Cleveland Clinic, UC San Diego, University of Arizona, and many others have switched to Discharge 1-2-3 from their initial content vendors.

Contact Hugh Martin at hmartin@discharge123.com or 847-805-6940 for additional information and specific content examples. He can also help arrange a demonstration of Discharge 1-2-3 content within an Epic playground environment.

For Clinicians

  • All document titles are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali, and Arabic, with foreign language printed side-by-side and point-by-point with English translations.
  • Practicing physicians at leading national institutions write content for each care setting that is evidence-based and patient-specific, so clinicians don’t need to make changes.
  • Patient understanding is improved because content is written at a 5th grade reading level.
  • Content is updated quarterly or more often if desired by the hospital.

For Administration

  • Full interoperability
  • ICD-10 ready
  • Improved risk management

Epic Overview

Enterprise-wide ED/Inpatient/Ambulatory/MyChart
Editing You can, but don’t have to, or less often
Auto-suggested Ready for ICD-10
Intelligent search and indexing Helps you find what you want faster
Multi-lingual and Bi-lingual English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali
Reading level Same across all topics at 5th grade level
Illustrations Best quality, color or black/white, where they make sense
Updates and review Quarterly updates and on-demand, site can load new content

Contact Hugh Martin at hmartin@discharge123.com or 847-805-6940 to learn more and to obtain access to Epic DC Xperience, Discharge 1-2-3’s library of resource materials.