Epic Language Modules


Foreign Language Modules

Break down barriers to communication with multilingual discharge instructions and patient education content from Discharge 1-2-3® Evidence-based content libraries now available in:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Arabic


  • Discharge instructions with foreign language printed side-by-side and point-for-point with English translations.
  • Extensive library of over 2,000 ED-specific titles available in most languages.
  • All foreign language content is translated to read at the 5th grade level by native-speaking specialists.
  • Ability to put custom content into Epic format.
  • Content is updated semi-annually or more often if desired.
  • All content ICD-10- ready.
  • Content available for emergency department, inpatient, and ambulatory.??

Content Samples

Spanish Chest Pain Spanish
Chinese Chest Pain Chinese
French Chest Pain French
Vietnamese Chest Pain Vietnamese
Russian Chest Pain Russian
Somali Chest Pain Somali
Arabic Chest Pain Arabic

Epic Partner

Discharge 1-2-3 is an Epic partner for multilingual discharge instructions and patient education content. Discharge 1-2-3 content has been selected by many discerning Epic hospitals, including Cleveland Clinic, Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin, UC San Diego, Dallas Children’s, and University of Arizona.

Contact Hugh Martin at hmartin@discharge123.com??or 847-805-6943 to learn more.