Content Document Libraries – Summary and Benefits

Superior Discharge Instruction and Education Content

Discharge 1-2-3® Content Document Libraries are high-quality document libraries that fit into any existing EMR for Inpatient, Emergency Medicine, and Ambulatory settings and are available in multiple languages. This solution is ideal for facilities that already use an EMR and want premium evidence-based instructions and patient education.

Integrate the same superior discharge documents available in our award-winning patient discharge instructions software into your current EMR.

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Patient instructions are not the same as patient education. Patients need instructions that clearly communicate what they need to do for their care. Many patient education documents are too generic and don’t tell patients what they really need to know. You can be confident that our content document libraries – like all our solutions – are designed to be patient-specific.

Medical domain specific and patient-specific, so you change less. Our team of board-certified physicians practicing in their respective specialties writes concise clinical content that needs minimal editing.

Provides higher standard of care because content is evidence-based and rigorously written. We write instructions at a 5th-6th grade reading level , balancing completeness with brevity. Our team collaborates with the CDC and other institutions to insure that our content is clinically correct and written to the highest standards.

Content is multi-lingual, which reduces barriers to communication and risk. Documents are available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Russian. Native-speaking specialists translate the documents to the same high standard as the English versions.

More evidence-based, patient-specific content means fewer changes, better quality of care, improved patient satisfaction, and better risk management. Discharge 1-2-3 content document libraries are rigorously developed to be more patient-specific and evidence-based than other libraries.

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