Discharge 1-2-3® Composer® – Summary and Benefits

The Future of Discharge Automation

Discharge 1-2-3® Composer® Component Edition (CE) is award-winning component software that makes it fast and easy to create custom discharge and exit care instructions in multiple languages. It has the best features of our Discharge 1-2-3 SE, as well as the new Rosetta multi-lingual technology. The next generation of fully-integrated discharge automation software is here.

Integrates into current EMR System

Discharge 1-2-3 CE integrates seamlessly into a facility’s existing EMR. This puts Composer Component Edition’s unique, sophisticated yet simple, capabilities at your fingertips without having to make changes to your current EMR. Composer Component Edition is ideal for facilities that already use an EMR and want state-of-the-art discharge and exit care instructions as well as a heightened user experience.

Unique patent pending technology lets you make patient-specific documents extremely fast. The sophisticated yet simple program guides clinicians through the discharge process, making it possible to discharge patients in seconds. The intuitive interface mirrors the mental process a clinician uses when discharging a patient. Easy point-and-click customization creates patient-specific documents with extraordinary ease.

Point-and-click functionality makes customizing instructions easy. Our unique intelligent search and browse capability automatically suggests instructions based on diagnosis, age, and gender. You can browse and find what you want without knowing the exact term.

Patient-specific instructions in a foreign language. Discharge 1-2-3’s Rosetta multi-lingual technology enables you to create documents in Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Provide the highest quality evidence-based instructions with almost no effort. Physician experts from leading institutions nationwide, practitioners in their respective specialties, write our extensive document libraries. Using patient-specific and evidence-based patient documents maximizes risk management, reduces modifications needed for clinicians, and reduces the risk of medical errors.

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