Discharge 1-2-3® Standard Edition (SE)

Accelerate Your Discharge Process

Discharge 1-2-3® Standard Edition is a standalone software program that enables clinicians to quickly create customized, patient-specific discharge and exit care instructions, prescriptions, and excuses. It is available in enterprise server and single desktop versions. Interface this flexible and scalable solution with existing systems or use it as a bridge or downtime solution. Discharge 1-2-3 SE is an excellent solution for Emergency Department, hospital, and Urgent Care. It streamlines the patient discharge process and makes it easy to generate patient discharge instructions.

Discharge 1-2-3 SE is so easy to use that it can save physicians up to 1.5 hours, per physician, per shift. Our patient discharge instructions also reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction.

Physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and IT departments prefer Discharge 1-2-3 SE for its powerful and sophisticated yet easy to use technologies, superior discharge instructions, patient document libraries, and ease of installation and management.

Fast and easy because it works the way clinicians think! Designed by experts in medical informatics and board-certified physicians practicing in their respective specialties, we have automated the mental process a clinician uses when discharging a patient. The intuitive interface is designed by physicians to mirror the work flow and way the clinician thinks when discharging patients.

Increases throughput and lets you see more patients faster. An intuitive interface guides the clinician through the discharge process in seconds with three simple steps. Using Discharge 1-2-3 SE can save physicians up to 1.5 hours, per physician, per shift. This increased efficiency accelerates revenue generation and decreases wait time.

Provides better risk management, quality of care, satisfaction, and reduces LWOBS. Discharge 1-2-3 SE provides accurate patient and condition-specific documentation that reduces the risk of medication errors and patient litigation. Instructions are concise, clear, and accurate, and are rigorously edited to read at a 5th-6th grade level. Aftercare instructions are available in English and Spanish.

Interfaces well with existing systems, with almost no maintenance. The Discharge 1-2-3 SE’s open architecture means it interfaces easily with existing systems and installation requires only a few hours of IT time.