Discharge 1-2-3® Composer® Software in Sunrise

Discharge 1-2-3’s award-winning Composer software is being integrated into Sunrise.

Discharge 1-2-3’s Composer software won the Chicago Innovation Award for its advanced design and functionality.

  • Easy and fast point and click customization
  • Bi-lingual documents
  • Physician-specific memory
  • Select in English for foreign languages
  • Intelligent search and browse
  • Automated medication reconciliation
  • Create custom instructions for your organization

Foreign Language Modules

In addition to English, content libraries are available in:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Arabic


The patent-pending technology for Discharge 1-2-3 makes it possible to create customized bi-lingual discharge instructions with foreign language printed side-by-side and point-for-point with English translations.

  • Extensive library of over 2,000 ED-specific titles is available in each of our languages.
  • All foreign language content is translated to read at the 5th grade level by native-speaking specialists.
  • Content is updated semi-annually or more often if desired.
  • All content is ICD-10- ready.

Contact Hugh Martin at or 847-805-6943 to learn more and to obtain content samples.