Why Discharge 1-2-3® ?

At Discharge 1-2-3®, we strive to develop the most powerful yet easy to use patient document technologies. Our patient instruction software and content libraries provide clinicians with evidence-based, patient-specific discharge instruction documents and the tools to create them.

Our clients know us for our reputation:

  • Quality of both software and libraries.
  • Sophisticated yet simple software interfaces and tools.
  • A high standard of customer service and dependability.

Our unique technologies make discharge faster and easier. Physician experts from leading clinical sites nationwide, practitioners in their respective specialties, write the clinical content in our document libraries to be evidence-based, which improves quality of care. Making all our solutions patient-specific results in better risk management and less customization. We understand the difference between patient instructions and patient education though we provide both. We design our solutions to provide the level of specificity blended with education that clinicians and patients need.

Patient-specific means documents that address an individual patient’s specific care. This is different from generic content that requires additional information or editing in order to be useful to a patient. Patient-specific documents improve the quality of care, reduce risks, and lessen barriers to communication. Patient-specific is a big step down the path towards individualized medicine. Traditionally, patient-specific documents were difficult to create because they required a lot of resources. Now, Discharge 1-2-3’s unique technologies and superior document libraries put patient-specific documents in reach of all providers.

Evidence-based means documents are based on current best clinical evidence. It requires a systematic review of published research studies and knowledge of current clinical best practices. Evidence-based documents improve the quality of care and reduce risks. It takes a lot of work to make all patient documents evidence-based, which is why many other content libraries don’t measure up. Discharge 1-2-3 content libraries are written by board-certified physicians practicing in their respective specialties to be evidence-based.

Instructions are not the same as patient education. We understand this and can provide both. Patients need aftercare instructions that clearly communicate what they need to do to take care of themselves. Many patient education documents are too generic and don’t tell patients what they really need to know for their specific care. You can be confident that our content document libraries, like all our solutions, are designed to be patient-specific.