Your Individual Needs

Getting it Right from the Client’s Perspective



Discharge 1-2-3® helps me practice medicine the way I like to. It dramatically reduces the time I need to spend on patient discharge instructions because it mirrors the way I think and work. The Discharge 1-2-3 document libraries are patient-specific and evidence-based, so I have to change less. Too often, patient education documents are high-level and fluffy. They miss telling patients the most important things or drown them in irrelevant information. There is a difference between instructions and education and the people at Discharge 1-2-3 get that. Discharge 1-2-3’s software provides amazing functionality and is the most clinician-friendly software I have ever seen. And it is customizable to make an even more perfect fit. Training is as easy as – see one/do one/teach one. These software tools, combined with their libraries of thousands of clinical topics, each of which I can tailor, mean each patient gets patient-specific customized instructions in his or her native language, all without compromising clinician time. See testimonials.



My concerns range from patient satisfaction through efficient operations and regulatory compliance. Whether using the Discharge 1-2-3® clinical content libraries or component software in our EMR, or using their standalone version for our smaller facility or as our EMR’s downtime solution, I’m confident we are meeting our objectives. When our clinical staff uses Discharge 1-2-3, we achieve greater patient throughput with higher patient satisfaction. Because the instruction sets are evidence-based and each delivered instruction set is encounter-specific, the departments I oversee experience lower litigation risk and higher regulatory compliance. Greater efficiency, lower risk, regulatory compliance, and higher patient satisfaction scores make Discharge 1-2-3 our choice for discharge instruction technology for our providers. See testimonials.



Discharge 1-2-3® solutions and personnel are the greatest to work with from an IT perspective. The products are easy to install and maintain. Discharge 1-2-3 is based on flexible, but robust, open-architecture standards that I can easily integrate into our existing systems. The system migrates easily to any new HIS that we adopt. The technical support team is very responsive and helpful, but we’ve not really needed their assistance or except when we make changes to our legacy systems. Quarterly or annual updates are performed effectively and efficiently without adding time or effort to our staff. As a family of products, Discharge 1-2-3 has a solution that can help us at any phase of our system strategy, and I don’t have to worry about quality. See testimonials.

Patient Educators


My job is to make sure our patients understand what they need to know and are satisfied. Using Discharge 1-2-3® solutions gives our facility the ability to clearly, simply, and completely educate our patients on the diagnosis, treatment, medication, and follow-up care needed both at discharge and during their stay. They are written in a rigorous review process, at a 5th-6th grade reading level, and they are multi-lingual. Having multi-lingual instructions and multi-lingual education reduces barriers to communication with an increasing number of our patients. Also, patient aftercare instructions need to be more specific than many patient education documents, and Discharge 1-2-3 understands this. Our patients and their families have been very satisfied with both the instructions and education they’ve been receiving since we started using Discharge 1-2-3. Our quality of care and rankings are going up! See testimonials.

EMR Providers


Discharge 1-2-3® has the best technology, document libraries, and people in the business. Their products complement our systems because they integrate easily and are preferred by clinicians. The technologies are best of breed, and the organization is dependable and easy to work with. Discharge 1-2-3 solutions make us look good to our customers. See testimonials.