Discharge 1-2-3® Standard Edition (SE) – Features and Requirements

Intuitive Interface. Designed by board-certified practicing physicians, the interface mirrors the discharge process.

  • One-Touch/Click Editing – Touch screen enabled for even faster use.
  • Three-Click Discharge – Create complete, customized discharge packages in seconds with three easy steps.
  • Physician-Specific Protocols – Easy to customize for individual clinical sites and physician-specific preferences.

Document Generation. Discharge 1-2-3® SE automates the discharge process from start to finish.

  • Discharge Instructions – More than 2,000 diagnosis-specific sets are included in the Emergency Medicine library alone.
  • Follow-Up – Users can print physician-specific follow-up instructions for patients.
  • Nurse/Physician-Specific Logins – Specific user-defined roles allow physicians and nurses to work independently or as a team.
  • Prescriptions – More than 1,000 pre-written prescriptions are printable on plain or secure prescription paper.
  • Tests Summary – A summary of abnormal and normal test results from the current patient visit are accessible.
  • Excuses – Users can generate excuses for work, school, gym class, and physical and sports activities.
  • Industrial Limitations – Users can generate work limitations for a patient’s workplace.

Patient-Specific and Evidence-Based Content. Our gold standard content document libraries improve quality of care, reduce the risk of litigation and medication errors, and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Professionally Written – Board-certified physicians practicing in their respective specialties write the instructions at a 5th-6th grade reading level. Legal experts rigorously review the clinical content.
  • Multilingual – Users can generate multilingual instructions in English and Spanish.
  • Frequent Updates – We update the clinical content continuously.

System Integration. The server version integrates easily with other systems.

  • Open Architecture – Integrates easily into existing systems.
  • Complete and Scalable – Available in enterprise server and single-desktop versions.
  • Easy to Operate – See one/do one/teach one.
  • Compliance – Our patient discharge software is meaningful-use certified, OP-19 compliant, and meets HL7 standards.
  • System Interface – The server version easily interfaces with existing systems through incoming and outgoing HL7 interfaces.

System Requirements: Workstation requirements are PC 200MHz. Pentium II Processor or greater running Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, or Windows 7. Sever version utilizes MS SQL Server and optional HL7 interfacing.